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Work Exchange 

PWHC Virtual Conference

is looking for Work Exchange women with Zoom, social media and virtual conferencing skills!

Are you interested in a Virtual work exchange position? 


This is an experiential opportunity to get behind the scenes and support the infrastructure that holds PWHC together. A great chance to work and learn with others who have a passion for creation, nature, herbs and healing. PWHC work exchange provides an enthusiastic and fun experience for women who enjoy gettin' 'er done! The smooth flow of the conference is invisibly supported by this team. PWHC appreciates and depends on each and every member. This is a commitment to serve...

Onsite positions at Camp Sealth are POSTPONED until further notice.
Work Exchange Focus
  • On-site Camp Operations 

  • Pre-Post Conference Support

Work Study participants receive:
  • Reduced Tuition

  • Bunk in heated bunkhouse

  • Meals from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch

Work includes: 

  • Kitchen & dining room: 

  • Nourishing Herbal Infusion Brewer

  • Meal set-up & break down

  • Operations include support in these areas:

  • pitching & breaking camp, signage

  • registration & welcome

  • parking 

  • transportation

  • housekeeping

  • workshop facilitation

  • market place facilitation

  • Kid's & Teen Camp

  • chopping wood, carrying water, and... 

  • a myriad of tasks we haven't yet thought of but will become apparent as the weekend unfurls...

  • Pre-Conference Support 

  • Newsletter 

  • Promotion via social media

  • Postering

Count on a minimum of 12-15 hours of work over the weekend or before or after the conference for pre-post conference Work Exchange to cover your agreement.

  • Applicants must be available from 12pm Friday through 4pm Sunday

  • There will be a Work Exchange meeting for all workers on Friday at 12pm at Camp Sealth. 

  • Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview by the Work Exchange Coordinator

  • While the work schedules allow time for workshops, herb walks, celebrations and time with nature throughout the weekend, your first responsibility is to fulfill your work exchange position.

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