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The Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference

is an annual rendezvous for an amazing community of women. Your passion, talent and enthusiasm are nurturing and nourishing this community into something more powerful each year. You can support this growth, deepen and mature PWHC by spreading the word about the Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference in your circles wherever you are!

Tell your friends!

Encourage your friends to join us for this amazing weekend conference. In this world of technology, sharing is easy. Besides word-of-mouth, you can:

  • Send an e-mail out to your friends...

  • Invite them to visit: often and find out what's new!

  • Sign up for the free Voice of PWHC newsletter below... 

  • Visit the Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference community and event Facebook pages to share and connect with other women 

  • Come to the Table on Zoom every other week for the summer of 2020

  • Share postcards with your off-line friends to let them know PWHC is happpening...

Bring your sisters, colleagues and friends into this growing web of wise women.

We have Post Cards for you to pin up, give to friends or share with complete strangers!

Nobody knows your neighborhood and community as well as you do. Health food stores, yoga centers, coffee shops, and herbal clinics often have community bulletin boards for posting information about upcoming events.

If you are a holistic nurse or health care practioner, we'd love your help spreading the word in hospitals and other settings; let us know that you're a nurse or practioner when you contact us.

Can you distribute postcards in your neighborhood? 

Email us at Pacific Wise Women  with your mailing address and let us know how many post cards you would like. Postcards are available mid-April...thanks for spreading the word!

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