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Pre-Conference Workshops


 Pre-Conference Workshops give participants an opportunity to work more closely with featured PWHC teachers

and take learning deeper. Each Intensive is 2 hour Zoom class with a live Q&A afterward to

go deeper with the instructor...


New! These 3-hour Workshops can be taken independently of the PWHC weekend conference


Pre-Conference Virtual Workshops:

 Saturdays, September 12th, & 19th, 2020

12:00PM - 3:00PM  

$50.00 per session

Healing Hawaiian Lei Making for Spirit & Body

Keya Kai Guimaraes

Saturday, September  12th

Join Keya Kai for this Pre-Conference Workshop on Lei making: Healing Hawaiian Lei Making for Spirit and Body.
Explore the Polynesian practice of weaving flowers and plants into adornments for hair and body in this hands-on workshop.

Approaching lei-making from a wellness perspective, learn how this therapeutic methodology heals both the maker and wearer of the lei.

Demonstrations of diverse lei technique will be followed by a powerful lei-making experience. Reclaim the sacred ritual of flower and plant weaving as a meditation, then experience the healing power of wearing living adornments.

Demonstration and lecture, will be followed by a virtual hands-on workshop...
Perfect for herbal and healing practitioners of all levels, and teens! Ages 12+ welcome!

Participant will leave able to:

  •  Understand the tradition and styles of lei making in the Pacific Islands

  • Practice the preparation and protocols for creating a healing and medicinally-charged lei

  • Create a wili style lei of flowers and plant material to be worn

  • Obtain the skills to practice lei-making independently

Anticipate working with local herbs and plants in season during the fall wherever you are.


This is a Make-Along Workshop

You'll receive a supply list and time to gather materials

by Registering before September 5, 2020



Health From the Ground Up

EagleSong Gardener


Saturday, September 19th

We went to sleep...and woke up in a different world...or did we?


While Covid-19 has changed the way we move in the world...we can continue developing resilience and flexibility, in our hearts, minds and souls. In fact, these two quaities are crucial for supporting our lives moving forward as whole human beings. 

How do we embody herbs as people's medicine?

When we see plants as themselves and not as we wish them to be, we are at the beginning. 

Join EagleSong Gardener to learn how to bring herbs to life, to your life each and every day. Why wait until you are sick or have a problem to enjoy herbs when you can have an on-going relationship with plants that enriches, enlivens and may even lengthen your life and the lives of those you love? And, when things take a sideways turn, as they do, you'll have allies & practices on which to call wherever you are.

You will learn to engage life force energy using your body, your emotions, your spirit and even your beautiful mind...from and with plants!

Not only will you meet simple herbs and learn how to use them simply, you will begin or continue a life long journey with your closest allies...the elements, the plants, the earth and the heavens. 

You will leave with:

  • A solid repertoire of 9 plant allies and know how and when to use them at least 100 ways! Elder, Comfrey, Linden, Echinacea, Oatstraw, Nettle, Hawthorn, Motherwort & St. Joanswort

  • A framework for making simple herbal preparations with household ingredients that is easy to remember and has stood the test of time...

  • Your inner guide and the skills and confidence to trust her and deepen your understanding with her

  • A natural way to discern how plants work in your body so you can choose herbs to meet your life fully

Please Note:

Robin's Course is cancelled due to Covid 19. We look forward to having her join PWHC at a later time.


Singing Medicine Ceremony

Robin Aisha Landsong ~

Come directly experience your gifts, renewed purpose, receive emotional and possibly physical healing. Robin will sing a Medicine Song to each woman in the circle. Each individual song adds to the group healing. You may also receive intuitions from Robin on your health and purpose. We will finish with the group toning. Singing Medicine Ceremony has been a pivotal life event for many participants. You are invited to come be deeply seen, feel your belonging, and connection to the land.

Bring a willing heart and open mind for this experiential time together.



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