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Online Course

Pre-Conference Intensive

with Susun Weed

Author, Herbalist, Wise Woman


A Cancer Diagnosis?

Help Yourself the Wise Woman Way







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Cancer Diagnosis? Help Yourself the

Wise Woman Way


If you have a cancer diagnosis, or help those who do, join Susun for a deep look at simple, safe, and proven botanical allies and herbal medicines that ease your body, mind, and spirit while dealing with this powerful adversary. 


* What to do as soon as you get a diagnosis. 

* Ways to survive and thrive if you have cancer

* Herbs that make radiation more lethal to cancer while         protecting normal cells

* Herbs that increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy       while reducing side effects

* Herbs that protect you from surgical aftermaths.

* Alternative treatments that work and ones to avoid

* Herbal chemo

* Herbal surgery

* Adaptogens, mushrooms, seaweed

* Remedies to calm fear and anxiety


Please note: This Pre-Conference Intensive with Susun Weed is available now and can be taken separate from the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference.

Your registration at the PWHC website will be followed with a Coupon Code to access Susun's Online Course at


Susun Weed will be joining the 


with a LIVE Keynote

September 25, 2020


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