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What lies ahead?

Virtual Schedule is here...


The 2020 Virtual Pacific Women's Herbal Conference schedule is here! Now you can see how to navigate the weekend. You'll have plenty of time between workshops and at the Caravan Tea Cafe' to meet new friends and catch up with friends you've made in previous PWHC gatherings. Cultivating community in the wise woman way is essential care for women's health and wholeness...

There are 2 tiers for participating in PWHC 2020. 

  • WePass: $149.00 This is the weekend pass and includes workshops, Keynote with Susun Weed, Opening & Closing Spirals and an opportunity to view workshops for 2 weeks after the conference. You will have an opportunity to upgrade to the ExPass.

  • ExPass: $249.00 Includes all of the above + a year membership in the HerbWiseWomen online community coming in 2020-2021 + a year access to PWHC virtual workshops

Just what is the Caravan Tea Cafe'?

A place to ponder over a cup of tea with your sisters. When the caravans on the Silk Road came to a crossroads ideas, people, faiths, goods all mingled and were shared. At dawn each went on in their own way wiser for having shared time, culture and food together. The Caravan Tea Cafe' is offered in the spirit of exchange, of nourishing and enhancing our lives through sharing what is important with one another. Bring your cup or pot of tea, your nourishing infusion, thoughts and feelings...Bring courage, let's find connection with one another and with the depth of that which we hold within our hearts and souls.

How's Your Best Herbal Creation coming along?


Join the open forum where you can strut your stuff and share the herbal creation you made this year that most inspired you. Each woman has 5 minutes to bring her creation forward and tell others how she made it, how she intends to use it and why it so inspired her! Some possibilities:

  • Elder anything! Flowers, fruit, leaves?

  • A tasty wine with an easy recipe...

  • A recipe for a dish that includes wild, foraged or garden plants...

  • A simple tincture, salve, oxymel, elixir that works wonders...or just plain blew you away!

Sisters, self-care with our hands, in our homes, at our hearths!

Storytelling at the Fire is on for Friday night...and you can be part of it!


Our well-loved storytelling at the fire happens Friday night...yes, by a fire! A handful of women are gathering to hold earth energy for the conference tending the hearth fire through the weekend and bring us together in celebration of our lineage as Herb Wise Women. 


Harvest Moon will kick off the telling then 3 or 4 tellers will join her from various places on the planet! This year you can bring a story to share at the fire. All ages welcome to tell...A story about health & healing, perhaps something about Coming to the Table, a myth you enjoy...You have 5 minutes to bring your tale to life in the circle...

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