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PWHC has moved to the new


online community...

An intergenerational, lifelong

learning community of HerbAlly curious women

teachers & learners

dancing together with the cycles and seasons

Invites YOU to join us...

offers a path forward that is earth centered,
heart directed and women spirited...


Become a member today and...
Spiral into a world of wholeness, possibility
and transformation 

Meet women passionate about herbs 

 Create supportive connections & engage in lively discussions

Learn from our oldest teachers, the plants and earth...

 Enjoy the abundance of herbs and health in your daily life

Discover herbal nourishment as a foundation of health

Take classes, ask questions, listen to women's stories

Receive mentoring in wise woman ways

Create your Personal Materia Medica

Make Herbal Medicines

Meet new plant allies 

Plant Seeds 


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