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Fun & Learning...

Hand in Hand!


Join us for down to earth activities!

Fun, celebration & ceremony all bursting from

within this eclectic gathering of women!

Do you like to sing, dance, tell stories?

There is plenty of time and lots of places for you to

get your mojo on and have some  fun!


  • An Opening Spiral at 5:00pm sets the tone for the, water, earth and air, the grandmothers and herbal wisdom join us to Celebrate Our Herbal Roots & Ancestral Wisdom 

  • Friday Welcome Dinner celebrating the wonders of food, family, friends, fun and fire...where every woman experiences nourishment and practice as the heart and soul of the wise woman tradition...

  • Next...Tellers at the Fire Circle...4 women from different traditions and walks of life all engaged in plant medicine will open windows into their worlds through the stories they bring...

  • The Fire: Each year a group of dedicated women tend the fire, bringing the hearth to life...will you join them this fall?



  • Early Morning Meetups for Walking, Hiking, Yoga, etc...

  • "My Best Herbal Creation: Herbs Are People's Medicine Social" Each year plants come to life in our hands and amazing creations come of for your best one this year and bring it along to share. This is herbalism on the fast-track, 8 women per table exchanging how they created their best herbal preparation. Will it be an herb vinegar? Elixir? Salve, lotion or cream? Maybe tooth powder or an especially exciting tincture or extract? How you made it and how you use it in 5 minutes or less. We're all excited to hear what your best herbal creation was this year!

  • Saturday Eclectic Follies Talent Show: Do you make music? Write poetry? Sing? Play the guitar, mandolin, harmonica? Are you crafty at skits, nonsense, mischief making? This is the place to let your light shine...There is more talent in every group of women than we can shake a stick at so bring yours along and let 'er shine! 5 minutes or less or join up with others for an act with a little more time!

  • Herbal MarketPlace is on-going through the weekend. Beautiful hand-crafted wares for function and delight.



  • Early Morning Meetups for Walking, Hiking, Yoga, etc...

  • Closing Spiral brings the weekend to a close, good-byes to the elements, the ancestors and one another until next time...


  • And then, there is the interstitial fluid flowing through it all...

  • What is Forest Bathing anyway?

  • I don't know! I'm heading to the beach...

  • Kidz Kamp...weaving children into the & adventure is in the works for children...will you bring yours? Girls and boys under 4 are FREE, girls and boys 5-8 years receive reduced registration...Girls 9-17 also enjoy a lower registration rate...

  • A Red Tent Together we honor our journey through womanhood by telling our stories, providing support and offering compassionate acceptance. Organic in nature, Red Tent gathering places continually emerge through time. Women gather in temples, tents, fields, hedges and groves to cultivate communities of knowledge and wisdom. Bring your RED women! Bring your favorite colorful fabric, especially red, drums, songs, poems and your own beautiful spirit to share here! Decorators step up...this place is as awesome as we make it! 

Stay tuned!
Remember laugh every chance you can!
Enjoy the wonders of
the PWHC Herbal MarketPlace!

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