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provides a container for women choosing earth-centered, woman-honoring health and optimum nourishment with a focus on local plants as a foundation. A tradition that weaves us, our families and our communities into the dynamic ever-changing spiral of life, death and rebirth. A pathway of generative living. 


Women of all ages, walks of life and orientation, in alignment with the purpose and intent of the conference, are welcome. This includes, women of color and women of all faith traditions. 


PWHC values nourishment, flexibility, transformation, groundedness and the cycles of life and death in an ever-expanding spiral.


The Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference seeks to explore and expand this tradition of healing, while finding flexible, pliable, ever-changing ways to weave these traditions into our modern lives.














May the tears and light in our own tales guide us in this time. May those of whole heart bring their laughter, their hunger and their own stories to nourish one another as women coming together to be together.


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